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Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud ... a good gift for friends and foes alike.
The Lancet


Has given me more fun at the bedside and at rounds than I have had in a long time. ... I recommend this book to all clinical teachers.
Canadian Medical Association Journal


Insightful, delightful ... hours of intellectually satisfying entertainment.
S.G.I.M. News


Great collection of rare differentials. Really impacted the way I practice and think. Must have for all internists.
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About the Book

When you hear hoofbeats behind you, don't expect to see a zebra.

-- Theodore E. Woodward, MD (±)


Zebra Cards is about patients who surprise us.

It's about listening to the patient, looking at the patient, and knowing that the human body is subtle in its wiles.

It's an inoculation against clinical hubris and impatience.

Each of the 200 cards in Zebra Cards presents a clinical observation on the front, and on the back supplies a differential diagnosis, a short but cogent discussion, and references.


Acute vertigo when patient presses on tragus

Zebra Cards · Mt. Vernon Book Systems, 1991

36-page introduction · 200 cards on 134 pages · Complete index

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About The Author

Johns Hopkins Hospital Image

John Sotos

Trained as a transplantation cardiologist, Dr. Sotos attended medical school and performed all of his clinical training at Johns Hopkins, where, early on, he was heavily influenced by Dr. Victor McKusick and Dr. Philip Tumulty. In 2005 he sent a copy of Zebra Cards to the producers of the television show House, MD and was thereafter hired for the remaining six seasons of the show's run.

Dr. Sotos has written three other books, on the medical histories of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Lincoln, diagnosing each of them with a zebra previously unsuspected by historians: multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B and pernicious anemia, respectively.

Currently he is CEO of Expertscape Inc. and a retired Air National Guard career flight surgeon. His personal web site is

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